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Ѽ Asian Soulmates Ѽ

-the place to claim your Asian soulmates-

{Asian Soulmates}
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-the place for you to claim your Asian soulmates-
1. One claim per person, and this is done on a first come first serve basis.

2. This is asian_soulmates, so you can claim whoever you like, as long as that person is Asian and non-fictional and hasn't been claimed by others. You do not need to be Asian, but that person must be Asian, or at least half-Asian to be claimed.

3. When posting, please title your entry as "Are you listening?" and put in the body "My soulmate is [last name, first name] (fandom, category they're in)." It should looks like this. Please state that person's full name in your post (for example: if you're claiming Super Junior's Lee Teuk, you must write "Park Jung Soo", not "Lee Teuk"), unless it's not public (which is quite popular amongst J-rockers). In that case the form should be like this: "My soulmate is [stage name / nickname] (fandom, category they're in)." You also have tag your post properly (category, gender, last name, first name, stage name / nick name, user). Check out the tag list for example.

4. You must state in your profile / friends only post / side bar / etc. "My soulmate is [last name, first name]" however you want (banners, text, etc.) and then link back to us and you must also remain a member of this community, or your claim can be taken by another user.

5. If your journal become inactive (no posts in three months) or deleted, your claim can be taken by another user.

6. If the person you want to claim doesnt fall into these categories: musicians, actors, actresses, athletes, and models, you can still post your entry and put them under the "Everyone Else" category. You still have to state what they're known for, though.

8. Failure to any of those above may cause your post rejected / deleted or your claim taken away.

7. Please comment in this post if you have a question / suggestion. Make sure that question wasn't answered in the F.A.Q.

8. If you want to get rid of / change your claim or want to notice me that you've changed your username, comment here.

9. These are based on iam_lj's rules.
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